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Our special competencies


We can help you with your risk management policy

Our advisory services are based on your unique risk management policy.

It is a policy, the purpose of which is to define to what extent you want to insure your business against a given risk. That makes it easier for us to ensure that you have the correct cover at the lowest possible insurance premium. If you do not have an existing policy, we can help you prepare one on the basis of your specific needs as a business.


Our digital platform gives you one comprehensive overview

If your business has departments and business partners scattered around Denmark, it may be difficult to have an overview of any claims and related costs.

Our digital Risk Management System gives you a comprehensive overview of your claims, claims management and the further process. Then you only need one digital platform to report claims for your entire organisation.


Our market analyses provide clear insight

Söderberg & Partners independently and objectively analyses the market supply of insurance solutions. Our analyses of the insurance market form the basis of all our advisory services. Moreover, our analyses provide clear insight into the differences between the insurance conditions of the individual insurance companies. The insight tells you what insurance we recommend and what insurance you should be careful with in order to get the full extent of cover.


We help you achieve efficient claims management

Specialising in claims advice, we can help your business develop an internal plan of action which ensures a more uniform, controlled and efficient claims management.

With streamlined claims management, you will get financial benefits in the form of maximum efficiency, customer satisfaction and improved cash flow.


Our digital self-service solution gives you control

With our digital self-service solution Optimum Online, you get overview and control over your business' complete insurance solution. The system helps you identify and assess the terms and conditions of your insurance cover point by point. In addition to providing insight into important information about your insurance policies, the system also allows you to make changes and download information regarding your risks and insurance.


We offer specialised advisory services on your liability insurance

Increasing globalisation makes your business and customers increasingly vulnerable to complex risks.

Söderberg & Partners keeps a close eye on global developments and the risks involved. This focus enables our specialised insurance brokers to provide advice and tailor insurance solutions based on the individual needs of your business within e.g. directors' and officers' liability, cybercrime, kidnapping, product liability, consultants' professional liability and patents.


We cooperate with international insurance companies

Söderberg & Partners have great international relations both to the largest and more niche-oriented insurance companies all over the world.

This means that we can manage all sorts of international and complex insurance solutions – from the largest international groups to the local businesses.