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22 February · 2017

Benefits is Söderberg & Partners solution for effective administration and clarification of the entire company's compensation package.

In today's job market, employers are competing not only with their pay envelopes. In order to attract the right skills various forms of benefits are often offered, such as insurance, a company car, a fitness allowance or eye laser operations, against gross salary deductions. As the range of benefits increases, the company's HR department is burdened with a heavier administrative load. Many hours are spent on procuring supplier offerings, administering the settlement received against benefit pools or just processing VAT correctly. Not infrequently, the majority of the workforce are still not aware of the benefits to which they are actually entitled.

With Benefits, the employer is able to let go of the administrative element. The entire compensation package is made transparent, and on the interactive payslip employees are given a comprehensive financial overview of everything from pension and salary payments to group insurance premiums. All the compensation from the employer can be made transparent and explanatory texts can be linked to it so that employees can access the particular information they are seeking.

The employer's accounting department is provided with a collective invoice and the payroll administrator with a salary deduction file.


Parts of the benefits content

  • Procurement and clarification of terms & conditions
  • Benefit administration
  • Interactive payslip
  • Collective invoice for benefits
  • Monthly salary deduction files
  • Integration with Söderberg & Partners' other systems