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Business insurance

Optimal insurance cover through detailed risk analysis

Business Insurance

We help you to identify the risks

Companies are exposed to an increasing number of risks, and the ability to manage them affects a company's current operations, reputation and market position. By conducting a detailed risk analysis, Söderberg & Partners helps companies to design optimal insurance cover, which provides both initial and long-term financial benefits. 

Liability Insurance

All companies are at risk of claims for loss or damage

All companies are at risk of claims for loss or damage - real or alleged - incurred in the course of their operations. A company's exposure to this risk is governed by a number of factors, such as its contractual obligations, area of operations and geographic presence.

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Property and Business Interruption Insurance

Property damage and business interruption insurance designed for specific needs.

All companies, regardless of size and sector, need insurance to protect their business operations, balance sheet and income statement. Whether a company is engaged in the service sector, trade or industry, it is important to have property damage and business interruption insurance designed for its own specific needs.

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Vehicles and Transport Insurance

Effective company fleet management

Whatever types of vehicle the company uses, Söderberg & Partners offers a tailored motor insurance programme. Our aim is to clarify and simplify, and we ensure effective company fleet management by means of system support and electronic data. With a total overview, we can evaluate premiums, coverage, damages and self-risk levels, thereby helping the company to find the optimal insurance solution.

Fidelity/Crime Insurance

Specialist expertise and expert advice

Companies and organisations are exposed to criminal acts on a daily basis. Increased globalisation, international establishments and increased reliance on data processes and E-commerce leave businesses constantly at risk of losses due to crime or threat.

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Global Network

We can handle complex pension, insurance and trade credit insurance

Söderberg & Partners is a member of two of the world's largest networks of independent insurance brokers – Assurex Global and ICBA. This means that we can handle complex pension, insurance and trade credit insurance for companies with international operations.

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Consultant and Contractor

Advice on contract design and insurance cover

Most companies and industries also engage in advisory activities or provide some form of consultancy services. In order to obtain comprehensive insurance cover for liability claims, they then need to supplement their general liability insurance with property damage insurance, which covers purely financial damage.

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Söderberg & Partners
Credit Insurance

Global credit insurance solutions

Credit insurance covers companies against credit losses, and insurance cover is sometimes a prerequisite for even being able to offer the buyer credit and conduct the transaction. Credit insurance can also allow better financing for export business.

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Public Service

Quality assured business

In our public services operations we have brought together the best people in risk, insurance and procurement. They have long and unique experience in public services and administration.


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The right insurance cover with Optimum

Insurance companies' products and terms & conditions differ, and manually evaluating all the options is an enormously time-consuming process. With this in mind, Söderberg & Partners has created Optimum, an analysis tool that allows more efficient matching of the company's needs in each area of insurance with market terms & conditions.

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Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance tailored to the specific needs of the business

In a worls in which employees are travelling more frequently and further afield, there is an increasing need for companies to arrange business travel insurance and associated services.

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