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Group insurance

Group insurance

22 February · 2017

Thanks to our size, we have managed to negotiate good prices on a large number of common insurance solutions, which the company can then offer its employees. This type of group insurance has up to 50 percent lower cost than the market, and can therefore be a strong component of the company's staff benefits.

Söderberg & Partners scrutinises companies' products, and in designing a group insurance package, we have chosen companies with the market’s most generous terms. At the same time, our size and direct connection to the companies' systems means that we can keep the prices low. All subscription, administration and invoicing is handled through a simple administration tool. The insurance is normally paid for by the employee, either by direct debit or by a payroll deduction which the employer carries out.


A benefit for all employees

Group insurance is aimed at all employees of the company, unlike occupational pension solutions, which often only cover those with salaries above a certain level. In order to market the insurance, we help in areas such as company-tailored information material and information sessions for both HR staff and employees.


A group insurance package can consist of:

  • Life insurance
  • Children's and youth’s insurance
  • Sickness and accident insurance
  • Health care insurance
  • Lump sum in the event of long-term illness
  • Revenue enhancement in the case of sick leave
  • Revenue enhancement in the case of unemployment



Affinity comprises smart supplementary insurance solutions our client companies can offer their end customers. Söderberg & Partners' group insurance products create added value and improve the company's business.

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