Quality work

In the Söderberg & Partners Group, several departments are directly in engaged in quality work. The key departments include Operational Excellence, Internal Quality Control, Risk Control and Internal Audit. The purpose of our quality work is to ensure that we deliver high quality to our customers.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence works on a cross-functional basis throughout Söderberg & Partners.

Our definition of Operational Excellence is “meeting our customers' needs by constantly developing and providing the best products and services in the most resource-efficient way." These efforts include development and implementation of best practice to ensure satisfied customers.

The method used has four steps:

  • Current status analysis
  • Desired situation
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up

Four key processes at Söderberg & Partners are Alignment of customer expectations, Planning and management, Individual advice and Addressing new needs/problems.

Internal Quality Control

In addition to the external compliance function, Söderberg & Partners has established an internal quality control unit to ensure effective control of the quality of our advisory services.

Our advisers are required to document what happens at the advisory meetings. After the advisory meeting, the documentation is entered into our IT system. All advisory documentation is filed in digital searchable records, with automatic control as and when needed.

Manual quality control of randomly selected advisory situations is also conducted A review of the records of an advisory meeting ensures that the adviser has provided adequate documentation of the advisory services. The outcome of the quality control is directly linked to the adviser’s incentive.

Internal quality control is an important factor for the continuous improvement of the business. The company’s manual on advisory services is regularly updated with best practices so that it can serve as a tool for the adviser when giving advice to customers. See the different steps in internal quality control below.

Risk Control

Söderberg & Partners has a central risk management and risk control function which is independent of the company.

The function provides the Board and management with information about the company’s risks and analyses of risk development, and, if appropriate, proposes amendments to policy documents and processes. By identifying risk areas and proposing any necessary measures, we continuously manage and improve our risk situation.

We also minimise our operational risks by establishing and implementing the required rules, instructions and guidelines for each part of the business, by following up the knowledge requirements for management and employees laid down in the regulations, provisions and general guidelines governing our business and by taking out liability insurance for the company.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit, which is an independent audit function reporting directly to the Board, conducts risk-based and rules-based audits of the operational parts of the business and other control functions (risk management and compliance functions).
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