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Advice based on your overall situation


We help the company's employees to navigate the market

People are all different. This also applies to how we handle our finances and the pension choices we make. It is difficult for a non-professional to keep informed about all the possibilities, while more and more responsibility is being transferred to the individual.

Advisory Services

Advice based on a comprehensive analysis of the employee's overall situation

We help the company's employees to navigate the market. Based on the individual's overall situation – not only pensions, but also savings, insurance, loans, shares, funds and other assets – we look up products with good terms and prices.

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Security Funds

We give your funds secure growth

A fund portfolio needs to be reviewed periodically, but many people lack both the time and knowledge to implement the required redistribution. Söderberg & Partners monitors daily market movements. With our security management, you are kept informed of stock market potential and at the same time maintain good control over the risks.

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Private Service

Overview with smart online service

As a customer of Söderberg & Partners, you have access to our Private service. Here you will find all the information about your personal finances, clearly arranged and collected together in one place. You can also trade in shares and switch funds directly in the system, as well as accessing analyses and smart tools.

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