Plan your pension

Get to know your financial future for when you retire

Get a complete financial overview of your future

A large number of Danes worry about whether they will be able to afford the life they dream of when they retire.

We offer individual and independent advice to anyone who wants a specific, analytical and visual overview of their options when one day, they transition from working life to active retirement.

The advice provides a comprehensive overview of how you make the most of your pension scheme and your available funds.

Qualified advice

With our advice, you get qualified counselling focused on your individual financial opportunities - now and as a pensioner.

Complete overview

You get a complete, visual and tailored overview of your financial situation for the following 20 years after your retirement.

Personal analysis

You receice your own personal and longterm analysis of your financial situation as a pensioner.


You get peace of mind knowing that your finances are in complete control.
"To me, a good retirement is all about freedom. Freedom to do what I want when one day I decide to retire. And what is most important to my wife and me is that we are able to maintain our standard of living."
Henrik Villadsen
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