What is a pension broker?

A good pension scheme is one of the most important assets, you as a business can offer your employees. However, the pensions market can be tricky to figure out

The Pensions market can be tricky to figure out

Especially because pension companies regularly change their terms and conditions and introduce new rules. Changes that are not necessarily for your benefit – but which might have a major impact on your pension scheme.

You therefore need a pension broker by your side that only serves you and your employees' interests. That also means that you only have to contact one person if you have any questions.

In our world, one solution rarely fits all. At Söderberg & Partners, your specific needs for a good pension scheme are therefore always the starting point when we objectively analyse the pensions market.

As an independent insurance broker, we work to serve your interests which means that we represent your business only and do not act on behalf of any pension companies. That allows us to tailor a pension solution that suits the specific needs of you and your employees and gives you the best terms and conditions and correct cover – at the most favourable price. Our independence also means that we agree on our fee directly with you as a customer.

We are governed by the Danish Insurance Mediation Act. This means that our brokers and advisers must have a broad professional insurance background, possess relevant legal and financial knowledge and have practical experience. All insurance brokers and advisers at Söderberg & Partners meet those requirements.

Moreover, we are registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority which supervises financial businesses.

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