Söderberg & Partners Announces Strategic Acquisition of Lockton Denmark's Pension Activities as of 1st of February, 2024

29 jan. 2024

Söderberg & Partners today announces a strategic decision to acquire all pension-related activities from Lockton Denmark.

Söderberg & Partners is a member of the Lockton Global Partnership Network and will remain as Lockton Denmark’s valued global partner for People Solutions following the transfer.

This acquisition signifies a significant strengthening of Söderberg & Partners' commitment to Pension Management and demonstrates the company's goal to expand its footprint and enhance opportunities for its clients.

With this decision, Söderberg & Partners has fortified and improved its position in this strategically important area. By bringing increased resources, expertise, and dedication to the field of Pension Management, Söderberg & Partners is determined to continue the high standard of service and quality that Lockton Denmark has provided to its clients.

"We are excited to announce this strategic acquisition that will bolster our presence in the pension sector," says Per Østergaard from Söderberg & Partners. "This decision will not only benefit our current clients but also position us as an even stronger player in the market. We look forward to welcoming Lockton Denmark's pension clients and are committed to delivering a seamless transition and an enhanced experience."

Söderberg & Partners will work closely with Lockton Denmark to ensure a smooth transition for all affected parties. The client will remain at the center of the company's focus, and Söderberg & Partners will continue to invest in innovation and service improvements to meet the changing needs and expectations in the pension sector.


For further information, please contact:

Söderberg & Partners
Per Østergaard, CEO
Phone: +45 20151137,
Email: per.ostergaard@soderbergpartners.dk

Söderberg & Partners
Torben Spuur Jensen, CCO
Phone: +45 40700568,
Email: torben.jensen@soderbergpartners.dk 

Simon Gilliat, International Head of People Solutions
Phone: +44 2079332441
Email: simon.gilliat@lockton.com 

Claus Trentel, Partner
Phone: +45 3054 7626
Email: claus.trentel@lockton.com